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Hola ! Bonjour a tous! Are you interested in a fun and effective language class for your child?

The linguistic and educational success of second language immersion education is now well established. We know that children who are immersed regularly in a second language have better cognitive skills and generally do better academically.

In teaching the second or third language we mirror the child’s process of acquiring the mother tongue. As we involve the child in a world full of curiosities, unknowns and opportunities for discovery, we surround her/him with a new language. Soon the child begins repeating words, sentences and songs, and before long, s/he understands all that is said in the second language.

The Immersion class will revolve around the visual arts, singing, storytelling , sports games, drama and playground games that children will be familiar with.

What is important is an Immersion Class means that children do not learn a language formally, they learn everything in the language. They are able to understand because of the context of what is being said. Every thing in the class will be done in the target language. The class will be led by a native, qualified teacher with experience with children. 

Locations-- New Classes!


*Wimbledon ([email protected]

*Tooting and Putney , coming in September! 

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