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Bonjour a tous !   Hola!   Ciao a tutti!                                                                                               

Welcome to Arc en Ciel!  We offer the following classes:

-Clubs and lessons in French for native/fluent speakers

-French and Spanish Immersion Classes for non-native children aged 3-9 

-French Holiday Clubs for all children

-French and Spanish Toddlers Playgroups 

-Kids Group Sessions at Home in SW London. 

Why? For native/fluent children our goals is to maintain and develop their bilinguism through activities, academic classes and Holiday clubs.

For non-native children, we offer Immersion Classes: Immersion is the best and most effective way of learning a language. As young children are like 'sponges', they absorb language much quicker than teenagers or adults, and have no shyness or pre-conceived ideas about the language. In the Immersion classes, children will play sports games, do music and singing, dance, and enjoy arts and crafts in the target language.


Wimbledon, Clapham, Notting Hill, Islington  expanding to Hammersmith, and Tooting soon.  

*We do offer Toddler Classes in NURSERIES , please contact us for more info

If you are interested to open a class in your area, contact us. We will need at least 7 children to open a weekly class.

Contact us now fore more information


We offer high quality lessons with native qualified teachers who have experience with children.